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Farmstead Inspired Furniture - Made in America

At Farmer D Furniture, our primary goal is to handcraft beautiful furniture with an heirloom patina and quality that will last for generations. Furniture that will touch your soul - as only natural wood can!

Inspired by the  magnificent designs and finish of the farm lifestyle.

Farmer D Furniture prides itself in it’s sustainable manufacturing principles.

All our ’new’ lumber is from sustainably managed forest suppliers 
primarily from the Appalachian Forests which are among the most sustainably managed in the world. In many cases the lumber is FSC certified. In some cases it is not, due to the certification cost 

Father (Stanley) and son Daron (Farmer D), originally from South Africa started their Organic Garden Center in 2008 and have been creating sustainable edible gardens in homes, schools, communities and hospitals, following the passion of Daron for farming and sustainable community
Farmer D Organics has been manufacturing raised beds since the inception of the Garden Center and has now expanded it’s manufacturing into Farmstead inspired furniture. Making handcrafted furniture, in-spired by the Cape Dutch style, has been a hobby and passion of Stanley for over 40 years. And now we’re bringing it to our valued existing customers and to our ‘soon to be valued customers’